In Home Date Ideas

Feel Free To Message Me With Ideas To Add!!


1) Double Date- invite some friends over and play Cards Against Humanity or any other games you need more than 2 people for.

2) Phase 10, Sequence, Beer Pong, Strip Poker, Naked Twister, or any other 2 person games.

3) Rearrange the furniture and rent a movie- make popcorn and add your favorite treats.

4) Order your favorite meal for take out and eat it on your porch or on a blanket as a picnic.

5) Lay out a blanket and watch the starts- bring the baby monitor if you must.

6) Take a warm bubble bath with candles and music.

7) Hot fudge Sunday bar in your kitchen.

8) Coloring can be therapeutic, try it together!

9) Read a book together. Choose a word. Every time it’s mentioned kiss each other.

10)Play would you rather or truth or dare.

11)Make your own indoor mini golf course. Make a bet and keep score.

12)You know that home project you’ve wanted to get done? Do it together!

13)If you have a truck, throw a bunch of pillows and blankets in the bed and watch a movie on your computer. 

14)Build an indoor tent- get a little frisky.

15)If you have a wood burning fireplace or gas burning stove, roast some marshmallows and make smores.

16)Create a bucket list of things you want to do together outside of your house. 

17)Dress up like you’re from another county or time period. Use accents and role-play. 

18)Watch a sports game together and place a bet on it.

19)Play a newlywed game and see what’s changed. 

20)Play a video game. Decide what the winner gets.

21)Double Date- Host a book club or bible study with at least one other couple.

22)Video record your story- how you met, fell in love, and ended up where you are now. 

23)Make breakfast together. Put some fresh flowers on the table. 

24)Have a nerf gun fight in your underwear.

25)If there’s snow, build a snow(wo)man together. 

26)Play indoor or outdoor basketball, soccer, football, hockey, etc. 

27)Figure out what your love languages are. Explain what that looks like. (ex. What exactly makes time quality for you? What words of affirmation do you love to hear? Where and what physical touch is most important to you? What acts of service make you feel most loved? What gifts do you recognize as love?)

28)Turn your bed/bathroom into a spa. Robes, slippers, lotions, facials, massages, calming music, low lit lighting, cucumbers, chocolate strawberries, etc. 

29)Play a game of hide and seek. Set a 2-minute timer to find each other. 

30)Plan your dream vacation or design/search for your dream home as though it’s about to happen. Dream together!

31)If you’ve kept letters or journals, read to each other what you wrote when you were dating/engaged. Together write a little to yourselves 5 years from now.

32)Re-create one of your first dates but at home. Have a similar conversation. 

33)Get dressed up- wedding dress, ball gown, tux, church attire, etc, and have a prom/dance/dinner. 

34)Wear clothes in the shower, turn off the lights, kissing/dancing “in the rain”

35)Go on a walk- around your house or yard.

36)Double Date- Face time/Zoom/Skype another couple an play charades. 

37)Create a band & have band practice- real instruments or play Rock Band.

38)Do yoga or meditate together.

39)Build your own town with Popsicle sticks or Legos.

40)Teach each other a hobby you do well.

41)Ding Dong Ditch or Prank neighbor friends. Prank call other friends/family. 

42)Sit in your car and talk like you did before you lived together. 

43)Create something for someone in need- do a charitable act together.

44)Sing! Karaoke or sing your favorite song in different genres (ex. If it’s a 

country song, sing it like it’s a rock song).  

45)Write each other a love note with your non-dominate hand. 

46)Make a trivia quiz to give each other.

47)Make a list of things you’re both grateful for until you run out of things. 

48)Play with your kid’s toys- Barbie’s, blocks, play doh, cars, etc.

49)Learn a new language or take an online class together